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I've had a couple of seasons in my life when I made my living as a full time photographer, but I currently only take the occasional paying gig. You may know me as the guy who designed the FASTFIRE camera strap. I never actually intended to sell a product; I designed the FASTFIRE for my own personal use because there wasn't anything like it available and this design just made sense. Other photographers began to ask for their own FASTFIRE, and I started making them one at a time in my garage. They have now been made available worldwide at

Fort Worth skyline

Whether photographing our children, our planet, or the buildings we work in - every image says something about the human experience, and the joy of capturing it is the same for me whether I'm being paid or not. Photos don't just say something about those in them, they also say something about the person who took them, and for me, photography is a part of expressing my own life experience.

The best fuel for creativity is relationships and I have been given a very good source in my precious wife, my wonderful daughter and Jesus Christ whom I love passionately as a best friend!

Thanks for looking and feel free to use my photos for personal use as long you don't reproduce them for profit. I would love to hear from you, and about you, please use my Guestbook to introduce yourself.

Make the most of today and happy shooting!

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